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  • 5HR CE Credit |
  • Course #36965 |
  • Provider #0001

TREC Contracts - The Transaction Lifeline + Best Practices

Wednesday, November 03rd 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

The purpose of this course is to continue to reinforce the importance of understanding and knowing how to complete TREC's promulgated contracts and selected addenda. The course takes the licensee briefly through the fundamentals of contracts and concludes with in-depth discussion of all the contract paragraphs.

  • 3HR CE Credit |
  • Course #39651 |
  • Provider #0001

NAR Code of Ethics

Tuesday, November 09th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Under all is the land.. So starts the NAR Code of Ethics. It continues: Realtors®, therefore, are zealous to maintain and improve the standards of their calling and share with their fellow Realtors® a common responsibility for its integrity and honor. In recognition and appreciation of their obligations to clients, customers, the public, and each other, Realtors® continuously strive to become and remain informed on issues affecting real estate and, as knowledgeable professionals, they willingly share the fruit of their experience and study with others. They identify and take steps, through enforcement of this Code of Ethics and by assisting appropriate regulatory bodies, to eliminate practices which may damage the public or which might discredit or bring dishonor to the real estate profession. Realtors® having direct personal knowledge of conduct that may violate the Code of Ethics involving misappropriation of client or customer funds or property, willful discrimination, or fraud resulting in substantial economic harm, bring such matters to the attention of the appropriate Board or Association of Realtors®. TUESDAY,

  • 4HR CE Credit |
  • Course #33197 |
  • Provider #0001

Legal Update I

Wednesday, December 08th 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

This course covers law, statues and rules updates, property management; buyers, landlords, tenants, & sellers; contracts and forms; and the unauthorized practice of law. Exam score does not affect credit.

  • 4HR CE Credit |
  • Course #33198 |
  • Provider #0001

Legal Update II

Thursday, December 09th 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

This course covers ethics requirements, Fair Housing laws, agency laws, Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), tax laws and other hot topics including unlicensed assistants. Exam score does not affect credit.

  • 2HR CE Credit |
  • Course #38380 |
  • Provider #656

Negotiating: Moving from No to Maybe to Yes!

Wednesday, December 15th 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Within this course the attendees will learn to identify negotiating situations, positioning from a no to maybe to yes, being able to understand expectations and leverage techniques with instructor and group or partner participation with feedback from all attending.

  • 2HR CE Credit |
  • Course #39862 |
  • Provider #0245

Completing the TREC Farm & Ranch Contract

Thursday, December 16th 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

This 2-hour course will focus on the completion of the TREC Farm and Ranch Contract by discussing the nature of the farm and ranch properties, survey issues, easements and access issues, taxes, minerals, title insurance coverages and so much more!

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