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  • 3HR CE Credit |
  • Course #35495

Google For Real Estate

Real Estate agents need to be able to keep up with technology and marketing to compete in today’s market. This class will help real estate agents utilize Google as a business tool to generate new listings as well as market themselves to potential clients. Mobility and responding quickly to client inquiries is key for today’s real estate professional. The course will introduce the license holder to the various Google apps available to make their mobile devices into a complete mobile office. This will save time while increasing efficiency and productivity. They will also learn how to use Gmail to customize contacts and manage calendars and documents all from the cloud.

CE Approved Classes
  • 2HR CE Credit |
  • Course #37996

Using Predictive Analytics as a Customer Service Tool

Buyers and sellers expect high levels of customer service from their realtor. Using predictive analytics will provide you with techniques to provide a superior and personalized customer experience that will transform your sales, marketing and customer service processes to a proactive, personalized and a memorable experience for your clients.

Topics Presented:
• The Laws of Choice: How and why buyers/sellers decide which realtor to do business with.
• The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing: What you passively know and actively know and how to use that to change the way you do things.
• The Buyer/Seller Mindset: From the lead, to the first contact, to the listing appointment and up to the closing.
• The Journey: Mapping buyer/seller journeys to gain insight into how different segments of customers do business with you.
• Establishing Objectives: What you want to achieve with your client.
• Identifying the "Flight Risk" Client: Using customer behavior patterns to predict at-risk buyers/sellers.
• Anticipating Needs & Wants: How to anticipate issues in your buyers/sellers life and help to resolve or fulfill those.
• Post-Closing "What's Next?": Ensuring value even after the transaction ends.

CE Approved Classes
  • 2HR CE Credit |
  • Course #36224

Don't Hesitate - Lead Generate!

Lead generation is a hot topic among all new and seasoned real estate professionals, but are you generating and converting leads the best way possible? In this 2-hour class, we will discuss how to get leads using different online avenues such as blogging, social media and Facebook advertising. Lastly, we will discuss how to convert those leads into customers with many different follow up tools and scripts that will help you close the sale.

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #38130

Instagram Stories: How to Use Them to Build Your Brand

A great way to increase engagement with your followers is through Instagram Stories; but do you know what they are or how they work? In this class, we will create an Instagram Story from start to finish, demonstrate how to share a post in a Story, how to save a Story to a Highlight and so much more!

CE Approved Classes
  • 4HR CE Credit |
  • Course #36533, 34847, 37391, 34757

Title Boot Camp

Come learn the in's and out's of all things Title! Class topics include:

"What is Title Insurance?" - What is the role of the title agent in your transaction and what does a title policy actually insure?

"Title Commitments- A to D" - Learn the parts of a title commitment, the nature of exceptions and how your residential transactions could be affected.

"Wire Fraud and Cyber Crime" - This course discusses tactics used by hackers to steal funds from real estate transactions and provides tips for better protecting buyers, sellers and real estate agents against cyber crime.

"Surveys: More Than a Picture" - Should your clients use the old survey? What does the Area & Boundary deletion actually do? Learn the answers to these questions and so much more!

CE Approved Classes
  • 4HR CE Credit |
  • Course #34976

Marketing the Brand Called: YOU

Today, in the "Age of the Individual", you have to be your own brand. It's this simple: You are a brand. You are in charge of your brand.

Regardless of your position and/or how long you've been in the real estate business, understand that you are the CEO of your own company and the most important task you have is to be head marketer for the brand called YOU.

Topics of this interactive, and at times entertaining, four-hour program include: Truth vs. Perception; Why "Good" is the New "Bad"; What Makes You Different?; Characteristics of Today's Buyer/Seller; Your Five Must-Haves; What Cheese on a Pizza and Branding Have in Common; What's the Pitch for You?; Influence, Emotion & Loyalty; Marketing Your Brand on Social Media; Resources for Content, Tips, Engagement Ideas, etc.

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #37068

Create with Canva

Canva is the graphic design program that allows users to create beautiful designs in a matter of minutes! Grab your laptop and join us for an introductory workshop where you will learn step-by-step how to create captivating social media posts, real estate flyers, newsletters and so much more.

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #33211

Wire Fraud and Cyber Crime

This course discusses tactics used by hackers to steal funds from real estate transactions and provides tips for better protecting buyers, sellers, and agents against cybercrimes.

CE Approved Classes
  • 2HR CE Credit |
  • Course #31747

10 Marketing Ideas with Pow, Bam, Boom

Are you looking for killer marketing ideas for your real estate business? Look no further because we've compiled some of the best marketing ideas for you to use. Learn new apps, marketing techniques, do's and don'ts of video, books to read and much more.

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