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  • 5HR CE Credit |
  • Course #36965

TREC Contracts - The Transaction Lifeline + Best Practices

The purpose of this course is to continue to reinforce the importance of understanding and knowing how to complete TREC's promulgated contracts and selected addenda. The course takes the licensee briefly through the fundamentals of contracts and concludes with in-depth discussion of all the contract paragraphs.

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #41209


Learn more about Trusts including who can sell, how property transfers into or out of a Trust, and the common terms.

CE Approved Classes
  • 2HR CE Credit |
  • Course #37996

Using Predictive Analytics as a Customer Service Tool

Buyers and sellers expect high levels of customer service from their realtor. Using predictive analytics will provide you with techniques to provide a superior and personalized customer experience that will transform your sales, marketing and customer service processes to a proactive, personalized and a memorable experience for your clients.

Topics Presented:
• The Laws of Choice: How and why buyers/sellers decide which realtor to do business with.
• The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing: What you passively know and actively know and how to use that to change the way you do things.
• The Buyer/Seller Mindset: From the lead, to the first contact, to the listing appointment and up to the closing.
• The Journey: Mapping buyer/seller journeys to gain insight into how different segments of customers do business with you.
• Establishing Objectives: What you want to achieve with your client.
• Identifying the "Flight Risk" Client: Using customer behavior patterns to predict at-risk buyers/sellers.
• Anticipating Needs & Wants: How to anticipate issues in your buyers/sellers life and help to resolve or fulfill those.
• Post-Closing "What's Next?": Ensuring value even after the transaction ends.

Special Events

Violet Crown Trail Tour with George Cofer

Come take a one-mile tour of Violet Crown Trail with George Cofer, founder of The Hill Country Conservancy. George was just named Travis Audubon Conservation Hero. The Violet Crown Trail once complete will be a 30-mile trail connecting Lady Bird Lake to Hays County.

The Slaughter Segment of the Violet Crown Trail that we'll walk is relatively a new segment that has been open a few months. We'll walk to Slaughter Creek where we've installed a new, technically awesome low-water crossing, and then walk back to the parking lot.

We'll meet and park in the southwest corner of the Walgreen's parking lot (5011 West Slaughter Lane). Please carpool!

Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water bottles.

For additional information:

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #32041

What is Title Insurance?

What is the role of the title agent in your transaction and what does a title policy actually insure?

CE Approved Classes
  • 1HR CE Credit |
  • Course #37391

Wire Fraud and Cyber Crime

This course discusses tactics used by hackers to steal funds from real estate transactions and provides tips for better protecting buyers, sellers, and agents against cyber crime.

CE Approved Classes
  • 3HR CE Credit |
  • Course #36737

Mastering zipForm® Plus

Are you ready to create more time for lead generation and client relationship management? This course is designed to increase your efficiency and productivity by streamlining your transaction management. In this course, you will learn about the zipForm Plus settings that make the system more user-friendly, create templates and pre-filled information, and learn how to send the Seller Disclosure Notice and Lease Applications as a fillable document to your client. This comprehensive zipForm Plus class guides you through the complete E-Sign process and ends with editing a sent signature packet. Bring your laptop for this hands-on learning experience!

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